What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied at the feet or hands. By applying pressure to reflexes in the feet, or hands, corresponding to the different glands, organs, and other parts of the body, you are allowing the release of stress and tension, allowing the body to function properly again.

What clients have experienced:

• Stress Reduction
• Better Circulation
• Migraine Relief
• Reduced Edema

• Pain Reduction
• Improved overall well being

Reflexology is also used as preventative maintenance.

Reflexology has been practiced around the world for centuries, tracing back to ancient eastern medicine. It has been found to not only relieve pain but also promote healing.

Reflexology relaxes all the body’s systems from the inside out, so the body can be more effective at healing itself.

Every organ, gland and body part can be traced to over 14,000 nerve endings on your feet. Stimulating these nerve endings helps to rebalance areas of the body where there is stress or illness.

Because physical ailments can show up in the foot before malaise is experienced in the body – reflexology is a great tool for early identification and preventative maintenance.

Because foot reflexology is done on the reflexes of the feet, sore spots on the body remain untouched. For example, if you have a very sore shoulder that hurts to touch, we can go to the reflex on the foot that corresponds to the shoulder. The reflex will probably be sensitive but it will be very workable to help relieve the shoulder pain.