Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: Seqex helps bring back your body into a homeostatic state.

Seqex, a product direct from Italy, was created in 1999. Recently, in October 2017, Health Canada approved and recognized Seqex as a Type 2 Medical Device

Simply lie on the Seqex mat, fully clothed, for 36 to 45 minutes. The duration of time required on the mat will depend on the program that is chosen for you, depending on your specific health issues.

A healthy cell functions at about 75-100 mV and a sick cell functions at between 15-25 mV.  Seqex PEMF is basically a recharging station for your cells.  When optimizing cell function by delivering beneficial frequencies into cells, the aging process is slowed down and the risk of cell dysfunction is reduced.  PEMF, otherwise known as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy, improves health.

Benefits of Seqex PEMF include:

  • Reduction in pain and inflammation
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased tissue oxygenation
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Regeneration of bone and soft tissue
  • Muscle relaxation
  • New programs constantly being developed
  • Newest program addresses bedsores, spinal cord injuries, concussion and lymphatic drainage

Checkout the video below on how Seqex works

Seqex was brought to Canada by Kim Sartor.

How Seqex Came to Be

In 1909, the world-famous inventor Nikola Tesla incorporated the Tesla Electro-Therapeutic Company to produce medical devices that utilized his patented electromagnetic “Tesla Coil.” This was the birth of Energy Medicine where electromagnetic fields were applied to the human body to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

 While Tesla’s innovative healing inventions were met with resistance in America, they were embraced by European and former Soviet Union countries where Tesla was born and educated. Fast forward to the twenty first century. Quantum computing is now a reality. Electromagnetic field therapy (also known as PEMF) has matured all over the world, especially  in Italy where the Seqex device was first invented in 1999.

What makes Seqex so different from the competition is the “quantum interface” that is used to guide the computer. Instead of the operator determining what the body needs in regards to the appropriate frequency, wave shape, and intensity of the electromagnetic field, the patient’s autonomic nervous system provides the feedback.

The Nikola Tesla Award is one of the most distinguished honors presented by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.  The award has been given annually since 1976.

An excerpt from the book “PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health by Bryant A. Meyers”

You probably know that foodwatersunlight, and oxygen are required for life, but there’s a fifth element of health that’s equally vital and often overlooked… the Earth’s magnetic field and its corresponding PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields). The two main components of Earth’s PEMFs, the Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies, are so essential that NASA and the Russian space program equip their spacecrafts with devices that replicate these frequencies. These frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body’s circadian rhythms, energy production, and even keeping the body free from pain. But there is a big problem on planet earth right now. It’s a twofold problem why we are no longer getting these life-nurturing energies of the earth:

We insulate ourselves from the Earth’s Geomagnetic Frequencies by wearing rubber sole shoes, walking on concrete floors and paved roads.   We are increasingly exposed to harmful electrosmog frequencies from power lines, cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, computers, and televisions.


Treatment must NOT be administered in cases of: pregnancy, heart disease, epilepsy, presence of heart simulators (pacemaker older than 6 years), neoplasia (term for various types of abnormal growths), or transplants.